Introducing The Hacktoberfest Favicon!

I’ve recently been interested in the expressive nature of typography and forming logos/designs out of nothing more than characters and punctuation. Hacktoberfest seemed like an ideal situation to play around with this premise.

I set out attempting to incorporate both fun elements of fall/halloween and code/hacking. Earlier attempts included attempting to form bats out of curly braces, or vampires out of carets and “V”s.

A couple of them I liked, but most of them became unrecognizable at smaller sizes.

Eventually I settled on the theme of the jack-o-lantern. There were several ways I could make a pumpkin out of coding characters and then there was ample space in the middle for creating a face.

The design I liked the most incorporates a curly brace, a comma, and a parenthesis, from the Aldrich typeface, to make a smiling pumpkin in a festive fall orange that is readable at smaller sizes and charming at larger ones

To create the favicon I used the Adobe creative suite, because it was available to me and I feel comfortable using it, but for FOSS solutions I can highly recommend Krita for all your graphical needs!

To generate the actual icons I used which creates versions of your favicon to be compatible with multiple devices and platforms.

So now knowing a little bit more about the background, I am proud to introduce the new favicon for the site!

Here it is at a few different sizes, and if you check your browser tab it should be visible there as well!

alt text

I hope you enjoy it! Happy hacking everyone!