What’s all this about then?

Hacktoberfest, ran by GitHub, Digital Ocean and Twilio celebrates open source software and encourages people to contribute to projects by raising pull requests in the month of October.

This website has been set up exclusively for people to contribute their skills to.

Whether you’re a developer, UXer, designer, story teller, artist or wizard, there’s a space here for you.

If you want to contribute a blog post telling the story of how you got into open source, raise a PR! If you’re a designer or story teller and you want to contribute your story or artwork, create a page here to showcase your work - see the contributing guidelines for non-code submissions. If you’re just getting started as a programmer and not sure what you can do, check out the open issues or think about adding a feature to this website. Or even a page with a JavaScript game to play!

This website is all about community and all the different skills required to make something work.

Read the contributing guide here and get stuck in.