This is my (awesome ?) post - I’m a bit nervous…

Yesterday I attended the IoT meetup at UNiDAYS.
When I finally found the front door and was buzzed in, I climbed what felt like a million steps up to the meeting room.
Puffed out I was warmly welcomed by Peter Gallagher at the top. He was so nice and reassuring that I forgot I was a newbie and completely unfit! I quickly looked around and saw the lovely Anna who welcomed me, in between trying to get ready for her talk. A big thank you. I settled down with a drink on a comfy office chair and really enjoyed the speed talks presented by a variety of amazing speakers. As an outsider (not working in IT at the moment) I got to say the talks were all so interesting and diverse. Half way through the evening we all had a really tasty curry (just like I make at home) and we discussed some of the talks. The evening was rounded off by a talk by Steven Pears about Alexa and IoT Gadgets. It was a very moving talk (nearly had to use a tissue). All the talks were amazing and I am so glad I went.