Hello, fellow Human Beans!

I’ve been meaning to write this post since forever but knowing just how to begin a post is actually an unsolved riddle. Thus, Dear Reader, we embark on this unsolved riddle hoping for the moment where everything makes sense and all is well in this world ✨

So, looking at solving the tiny issue #13 of a ‘jazzier homepage’ was my aim and it’s been a rather fun issue to tackle. Here’s my rambly solution:


^TADAAAAAAAAA. This is it, folks. The big reveal. 👻


I wanted to incorporate the favicon in the banner element because that seemed like a good idea and it also fit in pretty well (yay or nay?). As you may notice it does say WBTF Hacktoberfest so now you can even use WBTF for future collaborative stuff/events such as but not limited to: WBTF Hack24, WBTF Zombie Apoloypse, WBTF World Domination etc… 🧟


Incorporating the favicon meant using the same orange-y color with a darkish gray background! Which I’ve named as PUNCH and GOOD OL’ GRAY respectively. 🙈 Of course, the dark background adds to the spooky vibes of Hacktoberfest and (very self-explanatory, I know..) that felt like an appropriate theme for the site.


Now, this is where stuff got interesting. Anyone else feel like picking the right font is wayyyyyy harder than it should be. Like, how. How did I spend multiple days switching between the right font. Where is my human power of decision-making you ask? Because, #same.

I would not like to bore you with all the possible font choices but if you are ever interested, holla at me and I am happy to font-rant for 28199138192 hours, NON-STOP.

Nonetheless, the font I finally decided upon is a webfont aptly named Ghostz. Very on-point the branding, no? 😄


So there you have it. I hope you’ve enjoyed this RizBizKits Design Ramble. I would love to hear your thoughts (hmm, maybe we need a comment section on this site?? comment if you would like a comment section..). If you have any suggestions/improvements then please do not hesitate! Together, we’ll make this beautiful. 🌸